Holo Prism

Meow Wolf is an arts & entertainment company that creates immersive and interactive experiences that transports audiences of all ages into fantastic realms. In addition, MaCher is a globally inspired B Corp that uses data academic research to create meaningful & sustainable solutions. Through Meow Wolf's partnership with MaCher, SMC's IxD Product Design team was tasked with developing an interactive product that centered around an object or character from Meow Wolf's Convergence station in Denver, Colorado. Our team was asked to design a product that would bridge across physical and digital worlds while driving audience engagement with the brand.

Product Design
Design Research

Meow Wolf's exhibits are intentionally designed to keep users confused and entangled in mysterious storylines, some found the experience extremely frustrating where they voiced their views on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Reddit.

Team Members:
Miranda White
Masha Volodkina
Yena Kim
Jonathan San Augustin
Chrissy Stevens

• Meow Wolf’s niche amongst other immersive experiences is their puzzling storylines and extensive plots.
• Unlike other immersive experiences, Meow Wolf super fans will spend up to ten hours in an exhibit.
• Holographic experiences are becoming more popularized today, with brands like Adidas, Stella McCartney, and Coachella using the medium to creatively engage their audience.

3 Months

The Holo prism is a physical product with an accompanying digital app. The physical product is a mobile phone accessory that displays videos and images in a three-dimensional space. The digital app helps users to follow the completed storyline with hints a Easter eggs displayed through reflected images, videos, or animations. Additionally, users will be able to take photos within the app and display them as a hologram to extend their experience at the exhibit.